Shane Doan: Pure Awesomeness

The Captain overlooking his ice.   Shane Doan, at age 33, played his 1000th NHL game on December 17, 2009 in Columbus. Doan is an elite class, one of 24 to reach 1,000 games all with one franchise. He still has 99 more games to beat Teppo Numminen’s franchise record though.  Shane Doan will beat […]

Oh I get by with a little help from my friends

Last night I watched the Kings feed while listening to the Coyotes radio broadcast. The radio broadcast was, on average, 10 seconds ahead. I knew what would happen before I would see it. It sitll did not stop me from being on the edge of my seat, freaking out for the last 2 minutes or […]

Kings at Coyotes – Battle in the Desert!

I did things a little different today. The Royal Half contacted me about exchanging 5 questions and I agreed to do it. After the jump are Chris’ answers to my hard hitting questions. Click here to check out the questions he asked me about the Coyotes. I hope you  nejoy this new blog and I […]

Ding Dong Christmas is here

Last night we ventured out in the winter storm to get to Buffalo Wild Wings so I could watch the Coyotes whoop the Ducks tails. And boy did they. The Coyotes won 4-0. Did the Ducks even bother to show up for this game? Coyotes fans got our Christmas present early. We love watching the […]


When autumn leaves start to fall

Where to start… where to start? Well, after the disappointing loss that was Detroit the Coyotes came out quite strong agains the Leafs. At on point they were up 5-1. They kind of let up in the third and the final score was 6-3. Not bad, not bad at all! Well, lil Mr. Prucha got […]

Santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight

We (Amy Jo and Jenna) have made a list of what each Coyotes player should get for Christmas. We are assuming that all the boys have been good this year. As far as we can tell they have been!  Come on boys, you can be a LITTLE naughty…… Paul Bissonnette – the complete collection of […]

Cause Saturday night’s the night I like

Yes… there was a Coyotes game tonight but I liked Saturday’s game much better. We won 2-1 over the Sharks. There Czech scoring in the second. Apparently the Sharks scored in the third. We kind of missed it.. we were chatting with the cool people in front of us. Then tonight, the winning streak ended, […]

I’ll keep you my dirty little secret

Ok… I reminded the boys before they left not to underestimate the Kings. They have done this before and it gets them screwed. Here is what I told them to do: Doan, you need to rock Simmonds. Remember when you did that last season? It was awesome and he didn’t know what hit him! Someone […]

Practice Makes Perfect

Today Amy and I went to practice. It was in Scottsdale so it gave us an excuse to also go check out H&M (which is FAB btw, so glad Phoenix finally got one). But I won’t bore you with all the cute stuff that H&M had. Practice wasn’t a true practice. Tippett wasn’t there and […]

You blow my mind Like a colt ’45 every time

Aiight… for tonight’s game just wash, rinse and repeat Thursday’s game. Oh yah, and throw in a Jovo. The Coyotes beat the Sens tonight, apparently for the first time in six years. I don’t really take that fact too seriously because well we probably played them like twice in those six years. It was a […]

An exhausted smile screens my words

Tonight’s game in one word: EXHAUSTING. As a fan, and one who actually cheers, I am beat. I was screaming. I was jumping. I was clapping. For awhile Yotesgurl and I were carrying the team. We were the only ones yelling at/for the boys. But then again when the Flames fans tried to get a […]

Making the most of a bad time

I am calling it an EPIC FAIL. Neither the Ducks nor the Coyotes are televising today’s game. Really? I HATE hockey on the radio. The announcers are always homers so I don’t think you can get a true objective on a hit or a goal (or non-goal). I like being able to see it, so […]