Hooters on Ice

I got quite a chuckle earlier this week when the RoadRunners announced their “Hooters on Ice” promotion for Tuesday nights game. I guess they are having a bikini contest and crowning the first ever Ms. RoadRunner Hooters girl. There is also a “special on ice talent” contest. I am not sure what they mean by […]

Now that the disappointment has worn off…somewhat.

Oh, the game last night was a horrid 4-0 loss to the Kings? How did this happen you ask? Well for starters, only Doan and Rhino really seemed to show up. Jokinen again looked like he was playing pee-wee hockey and Mueller was no where to be seen. Byrz couldn’t stop a puck if it […]


Telly should have been in net. The End.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Christmas week ended well for the Coyotes with a 2-1 win over LA. It didn’t start off that well with a loss to Edmonton. I didn’t get to see the Edmonton game but from the stats and a friend who was watching it, it sounded like the boys didn’t play that well. They did battle […]

A hodgepodge of a post!

Well, I have missed quite a few games on my blog. So here is a quick round up of what I have not written about. Let’s start with the oldest game first and work our way forward. The game against Detroit was a heartbreaker. I know many fans who were just pissed off but I […]

Bryz with the shutout!

I am hoping to get a post up soon. I realize I haven’t written in awhile, but sometimes life just gets in the way. Pesky life. 😛 The parentals are coming into town this week, so not sure if I will get anything done on here either. Lunch time posts maybe? Oh wait, I am […]

To get into the spirit of the season..

1. Egg nog or hot chocolate?Hot chocolate, hands down. Egg nogg is just nasty 2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?He’s got elves to do the wrapping, he just leaves ’em. 3. Colored lights on tree/house or white?I have all blue on the tree and white in the windows. 4. […]

Another Semi-GDT

Tonight the Red Wings are in town for their first game against the Coyotes. Last season the Coyotes could not win a single game against them. There were a couple of games that were quite close and the Coyotes even lead for awhile but Detroit turned on the intensity in the third and that was […]

The Curse…

IS BROKEN!!!!! Coyotes beat the Wild 3-1. Oh yah baby. All the Wild fans got outcheered and left early. Although I did meet some people from Winona. They tried to tell me LaCrosse sucks. haha, they are soooooo dumb. LaCrosse > Winona all across the board. OMG I am so excited. I can’t even think […]

I wouldn’t call this a GDT…

but it kind of is. Tonight Mikko Koivu and the rest of the Minnesota Wild will descend upon the job. Hopefully the moment from last nights win will propel the Coyotes to finally beat the Wild. My Keys to the game:STOP CLUTTERBUCK. You know he will hit anything in a Coyotes uniform, he did last […]

Coyotes 5, Stars 3

Jokinen returned last night from his shoulder injury not nearly as invisible as he had previously been. He scored a goal in the first period but seemed to disappear in the second until the very end when he scored a power play goal to tie the game at 3-3. Lindstrom was called up from the […]

More on Avery

Ok blogger is really pissing me off and won’t accept my correct html, so please go here: know it’s ugly but it wouldn’t let me do it any other way for that link) I really enjoyed this blog. It was very well written and came from someone inside the Stars organization, which I believe to […]


Sometimes my best ideas come through the email exchanges I have with some friends (ok, that is very rare, mostly we joke around but sometimes there is serious conversations at hand). Yesterday we were talking about the articles/comments of Canadians wanting the Phoenix Coyotes to come back to Canada and saying it’s going to happen […]


This entry may be very hard for me to write. I don’t think I have ever seen a worse hockey game then the one I witnessed last night. And I have been watching hockey for over 10 years. I am not sure I can come up with the words today. Maybe I should start with […]

Coyotes 6, ‘Leafs 3

The Maple Leafs came into town last night looking for a win but our boys just wouldn’t let them have it. They kept battling back, eventually just steamrolling over the ‘Leafs. A big CONGRATS must be made to Martin Hanzal who scored his first career hat trick. Also, I read that his parents were in […]