You nasty Biz

About a week or so ago (I am a bit behind) I came across a blog about how the Coyotes don’t need Paul Bissonnette anymore. I was curious about what it said so I read it. It was done by a Coyotes fan on a Coyotes blog and I will say I disagree with pretty much every point the author brought up. I know I am not alone because several people I know disagreed and the blog was mentioned by Puck Daddy on twitter with responses that seemed to disagree.

This topic has been talked to death but I feel the need to throw my two cents out, for what its worth. I know… not much. 😉

The issue is, do we need Biz? I say yes, for various reasons. He exudes a certain kind of charm. It is hard not to like the guy. At first I wasn’t sold on him but following him on twitter and listening to his interviews hooked me. This doesn’t even begin to touch the passion he shows on the ice for the game and his team. He might be a little different but its ok.

1. He puts himself out there. This is the real deal. He’s not being “safe” with his twitter or interviews. He tells you how he sees it. The Coyotes need a figurehead, someone fans and non-fans can connect with. Biz puts himself out there. He doesn’t just talk about hockey. His twitter feed is full of random comments and observations. He goes on KUPD and just talks with the guys, mostly about his ‘dating’ but it’s funny and anyone could listen and get what he is saying.

2. He doesn’t play a lot but when he does he gives the cliched 110%. Every second he is on the ice, he gives it his all. He does everything too. He goes in corners, he crashes the net, he hits, he fights but in a controlled manner (unlike a former Coyote who will remain nameless). There were quite a few goals last season that were a direct result of what Biz did on the ice, either for his linemates or the next line out. He may not get a lot of points but he does all the little things that matter.

3. He accepts his role and makes the best of it. Paul knows he’s not going to play every game. He knows he may have to stand up for a teammate. He knows he’s not going to be a scoring machine but he gets it. He doesn’t try to be something he’s not or demand more playing time or money. He makes jokes at his own expense but not in a self deprecating way. It is hard to put into words but its like this is what I do, might as well have a good time with it. That acceptance and good nature makes him great at what he does and shows the fans his passion, for the game and for life.


Those three points are why I think Biz needs to stay here. But the other idea the author mentioned was that instead of Biz we should be playing Miele. I take big issue with this idea. Does he not remember Kyle Turris? We have no need to rush Miele.

Andy Miele is doing amazing in Portland. He had a call up and did pretty well. He showed he will make it to the NHL someday but he definitely needs some more experience. Let’s just let Andy get some more time in the AHL and call him up for some games here and there. Let him get a taste and figure out where his game needs to improve.

Biz and Miele are two completely different players. Let’s say that the author of the do we need blog gets his wish. Biz leaves and Miele gets called up. I wouldn’t put Andy on the 4th line. He needs some linemates with a little speed and skill to help him reach his full potential. He is not a 4th liner; he is not a grinder. Having Andy on the 4th line would be a waste. Trading Biz and bringing up Miele would mean changing the lines but how would those lines look? Who would be patrolling for Miele? Who would we send out during those games in which we face a Parros?


Biz may not be a Sidney Crosby but he is every bit as vital to his team for different reasons. Phoenix needs Biz. We need his personality promoting hockey. We need his effort on the ice. We need his toughness. We need him in the corners and tweeting his thoughts. What Biz does for the team may not be obvious to a casual fan but if you really watch him, he can and does make a difference in games.

Turns out I have a very limited Biz picture collection. These are all warmup pics from a few seasons ago. I haven’t taken many pictures this season. I do plan on taking more. I need to get back into the swing of things!


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