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This blog post is brought to you by the letters B and S and the numbers 6 and 8.

 Can someone please get me a broom? The Coyotes have swept western Canada. The first time this has been done since the 99-00 season (it was the St. Louis Blues that time). See where the B and S come in? And you thought I meant something else.. 6-0-0 in Canada and 8 total points earned on this road trip. Good times for Coyotes fans and great numbers to see.

Short recap of all that has happened since I last wrote:

  • Coyotes lost 4-3 in OT against the Canucks. Canucks got lucky & had two fluke goals off Coyotes players. And we lost Klesla when a puck hit him right between the eyes (no worries, he wasn’t out long)
  • Flames came to town and Coyotes won 3-0. Flames apparently peed in Belanger’s Cheerios. He was crazy upset that night.
  • Coyotes went to Anaheim and won 5-2. Ray Emery gets his first NHL start (coming in to relieve Dan Ellis) since undergoing treatment for hip disease. He looks shakey and unsure. But I was happy to see him out there.
  • Coyotes go up to Calgary and beat the Flames 4-3. Again, Belanger looks angry. What did the Flames do to that man? Whatever they did, more teams should do that.
  • Coyotes head over to Edmonton and beat the Oilers 4-3. This game was a penalty parade. Must have been some good gatorade in the box..
  • And finally the Coyotes head into Vancouver and get a 3-1 win with LaBarbera in net. He did awesome. He stopped 46 shots, which ties him with Boucher for the most stopped shots in the franchise.
  • Stempniak finally decided to make some appearances and score some goals. I guess all the smack talk I’d been giving paid off. 

Tonight the Coyotes will honor Adrian Aucoin as he will play his 1,000 NHL game. Congrats Oakie!

Coyotes are sitting second in the Pacific with 89 points, three behind San Jose. And of course 4th in the conference which is only three more points ahead of LA. The Coyotes could really use a win tonight against Chicago to give themselves  some separation from the likes of LA and Chicago and gain some ground on the Sharks. 


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