Eight is Great

I didn’t get to see the game but I am happy with the outcome. To be honest… it was what I was secretly hoping for!

Both my teams got a point out of it and the one that needed it most got two points.

Doaner got to play Captain Clutch again, scoring the game winner in OT.

Shelley got his nose split by Yonkman. He required 60 stitches for it. I am sure that Shelley will be just fine. But have I mentioned I love what Yonkman brings to this team? Yah, toughness, grit, physicality. It’s what we need.

I saw that Aucoin was placed on IR and Tipp said Jovo is out indefinitely (I can’t remember the exact quote but apparently not expected back this season & most likely not playoffs either). As much as I make fun of Jovo, that is kind of a blow to the blueline. I would expect DM to try to get a dman before the trade deadline.

Turris and Schlemko are back from SA but didn’t play tonight, which I figured.

Tomorrow is the Lightning. Do we rest Bryz or keep him in? We played them on Octoboer 30 and lost 3-0. We need to kick butt.  

Oh yah, eight in a row. I didn’t have a song lyric, so I just rhymed. HAH

That’s all I got for you now. :) 


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