Breaking your Record and breaking your bones, born a warrior with a code, a Champion feeding your face with a fist, you will feel all his power!

Ah, tomorrow is the big day. Opening night in Phoenix (Glendale, whatever) and the Winnipeg Thrashers come to the valley to face the Phoenix Jets. Or something like that. My entire twitter feed seems to be gearing up for the big event. I will be there, rocking out. 

I hope Shane Doan gets his 300th. That would be freaking awesome. I would cheer super loud and laugh my ass off.

The Coyotes finished the opening road trtip 1-1-1. I will gladly take that. At least we aren’t the only team in the league without a point. That would be the… oh, not even going to say it. I’ll let you figure it out.

The game against Dallas was a decent effort. We should have had it but what can you do about a fluke goal with 30 seconds left in the 3rd. 

The game against Nashville was amazing. If we can play like that every game, I would be ecstatic! They came out ready to play and didn’t let up for a full 60 minutes. They forechecked, backchecked. The powerplay actually looks a million times better than last season. This is a team much improved.

And something new I want to give a try… TYSONISMS! I will try to post one for each game. Here is last nights gem:

“Shea Weber likes to sneak in the back door and pound it” 

And that’s all I’ve got for you right now. Stay tuned for an update about what happens tomorrow night at 4 pm Arizona time. God damn, thats an early, ridiculous start time. 


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