2011 Round 1 Rematch: Coyotes at Detroit – Game 2

Wow, I don’t even know where to start with this game. This may have been played even worse than the first game. 

Show up. About the only player doing anything out there was Doan.
Defense. It’s what will help keep the puck out of your own net.
Playing 60 minutes would be a great help too. You know, there is only so much you can do in 20 minutes when you’re down 4 goals.
Oh hey, but we got one power play goal. That is kind of an improvement.

I say play Bissonnette next game. He may not have the skill that some of the other guys have but you know what he has? Effort. Energy. Will. Want. He was one of the better players in our last regular season games. He had jump, he had drive. Without him, Turris would have never scored. He will take and give a hit to make a play. He’ll drive to the net and he does it all without taking too many stupid penalties.

And please DMo, get healthy. We need you. Schlem is not so good.

So, Doaner needs to have a closed/players only meeting and rip these boys a new one. Apparently leading by example is not good enough anymore. Threats. I say threaten them Doaner.

It’s got to be hard for them with the uncertainty of the franchise and the rumors but you know what? Play for the now. Shopw up and do your job. Don’t just do it, do it well. We’ve all had moments at our jobs where we may have had rumors and looking at being laid off but did we work any less hard? Nope. You’ve got a job to do boys and I best see a full 60 minutes of hockey on Monday with everyone participating at 100% effort.  

Let’s learn from these two games, take two at home and go back to Detroit and show them who we really are. 


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