To playoff or not to playoff…

Another Monday, another Misconduct.


The Coyotes are still fighting for the last playoff spot. They are somewhat battling with the Dallas Stars… in case you weren’t aware. I feel the Stars may have the upper hand. Of course I want the Coyotes to win and do well but this team has not been consistent this season. They also don’t seem to really want it.

At least the Stars gave us a little help by splitting this weekend with Tampa and Florida.

I would be happy either way. I would love to see them make the playoffs but if they don’t so be it. It will give them time to regroup, heal and get ready for next season.

It is still not sure when Mike Smith will return. This may have been the biggest blow to their playoff push. He seemed to have been giving the team those second chances and the ability to win. Latest is, it is up to Smith to say when he is ready. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to play hero and come back before he is 100%. Playing injured is a hindrance to your team.

With him out we have had to play Greiss. Greiss is an adequate backup but he has not yet proven to be a starter. We would have had the Edmonton game if Greiss hadn’t made a costly mistake. Although I could argue now no lead is safe with the Coyotes, not just 2 goals. LOL

Hanzal seems to be made of glass. He can’t stay healthy. I feel like he has been out more than he’s played. I may be wrong about this. I don’t keep a Hanzal stat book. Although maybe I should start…

These next few games are crucial and I am not sure the Coyotes are up to the task. They have shown that when a game really counts they can’t compete. I am trying to be a realistic here. This team just hasn’t been great this season. If we don’t make it, so be it. Give the owners, Maloney and Tippett more time to go over their strategy for the off season and into next season. Fix the holes. Resign some key players. Find and go after players who will actually be willing to show some passion and will to win.

Oh and they won’t be firing Tippett. Nor is Ribeiro, Erat, Yandle or Smith going anywhere.

Although I have not been impressed with Erat so far. But then again I have never been for an all Czech line or even keeping Hanzal and Vrbata together. I would really like to see Vrbata with Ribeiro for a bit. Vrbata might be more effective with a more talented centerman. Not that Hanzal isn’t talented but Vrbata has offensive skills (when he is on) and Hanzal is more talented at being that shut down center.

Do you think the Coyotes will make the playoffs? Do you want them to? Why or why not? What line combo would you like to see? (I know, we’ve seen almost all of them but I mean see for more than one game)



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