I don't know why I added the booya to the title but I have been using that word a lot lately. Bare with me. And yes, I am a tad behind but it is hard for me to blog much during the week. Between work, half marathon training, tv (yes, I need to watch a few shows) and sleep there isn't much time for blogging.

The day all Coyotes fans have waited four long years finally arrived. It seems a competent ownership group has been found. We don't have to hear the words, "two more weeks" ever again. Hopefully. 

As we breath sighs of relief the real work must begin behind the scenes. Luckily as fans we no longer have to worry about that part and can focus on the on-ice product, which should improve with IceArizona in place. Already they have really cranked up the marketing. I have been seeing "Here to Stay" billboards all around town the last few weeks. Of course it is going to take more than a few billboards to bring back some fans and attract new fans. There was an open house Wednesday and it sounds as if a lot of people purchased season tickets. It would be interesting to see how many season ticket packages were sold this past week.

I feel confident in this ownership group. Some members have been around all four years in some capacity. They all seem passionate about hockey and making sure the Coyotes stay here for the long time. They seem smart. They know what to say but seem sincere when saying it.

I like hearing that the new owners felt such faith in the hockey ops team already in place. It sounds like keeping Maloney and Tippett were at the top of their list. They also have made several references to the fact that Maloney and Tippett know the hockey side of things and should be able to run it as they see fit. I like that. Let the business men run the business while the hockey men run the hockey. Owners should know business and trust the staff they bring in to do their jobs. 

I also like hearing the owners plan to increase payroll each season. We don't need to be at the max but a little extra spending could really turn the team into a force. We may be able to finally add those few pieces we need to score or you know, get the advantage on a power play.We might even win the cup. Hey, a girl can dream!

The owners also seem to be down playing the out clause. They say it is just good business and there is no way the plan to lose the money needed to actually use it. Yah, who wants to lose that kind of money??

I see this as a fresh start. The begriming of a new era for the Phoenix Coyotes. I am glad to be standing on the edge of this. I will see you at training camp!


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I write about the Phoenix Coyotes. I have been following the NHL since the mid-90's. I started as a Flyers fan and added the Coyotes when I moved to Phoenix in 2006. My favorite position is defenseman. I put on my first pair of skates before I even remember. There is photographic evidence of me, on my butt, on a frozen creek as a very small child (maybe 2 or 3?). Obviously I grew up somewhere not Phoenix. I know cold, snow and hockey. I prefer not to have the cold and snow with my hockey. :D