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Athletes Resource Camp

On Monday I traveled across the desert (which according to Yahoo is quite the feet) to Scottsdale to catch the Athletes Resource camp. I took my camera with me and decided to test my skills. I had researched extensively how to get good hockey pictures and was rightfully scared by most of the articles. It is incredible difficult to photograph the fast paced game of hockey but I gave it my best shot, with the equipment I have (which is not the best for such a situation).

I took 123 pictures and most of them turned out ok. I had to adjust the lighting on some of them (as they were dark) but overall I think I did ok for the first time. I have selected 23 pictures to share with my lovely readers. I will post 12 today and the remaining 11 tomorrow.

I plan to take my camera to rookie camp next Saturday to work some more on my skills and provide you guys and gals with some more shots. Enjoy!

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