A Look Back

I know this is a little late but isn't there a saying, better late then never? Because I am sure you all want to read my thoughts on this shortened Coyotes season and maybe a glance into the future.

First thought: Coyotes would have benefited from a full season and a pre-season. I just feel this shortened season hurt us. Players were hurt left and right. Did they have the time to properly warm up (so to speak) for the fast pace games and schedule? At times it seemed they were playing every other day. And probably practicing most days. Humans, even super human hockey players, need rest days. Did they get enough to really heal their body?

Second thought: We had three good, full seasons. Does finishing just outside of the playoffs on a half season really affect things in the long run? No. In fact I am kind of glad they didn't make the playoffs. I was getting tired from all the games and my own workouts. I don't now how these guys did it. Now they have a full summer to rest, recuperate and come back at full strength next season.

Third thought: Mike Smith had a bad season after a really good season. Why? He let something into his head. I read somewhere recently (damn, I wish I had saved the link) that it was the Blackhawks. Between injuries and bad games, his confidence just wasn't there. I feel our D needs a confident goalie in order to play well. They seem to feel they have to play even harder when the goalie is off rather then just playing. I expressed this yesterday in much better terms. I must not have had enough coffee yet. ;)

Fourth thought: I am sick of the Yandle hating. It is at a ridiculous level on line and at games. Do people not remember Jovo? He was way worse and people just let it go.. I have never been a huge Yandle supporter but he does what he does well. Yes, he makes defensive mistakes but have you seen the points he puts up? Have you seen the offensive plays that he makes happen? And no, we are not moving him to forward. That is just dumb.

Ok, that is all I have. It was a short season that kind of sucked and happened awhile ago. Let's look to the future.

Don Maloney has signed a contract extension. Good. We need him. If he had left for "greener pasture" I would have been pissed. He is probably the best thing to have happened to this franchise. Ever since he joined the organization our drafting has improved, our trades have improved and we don't sign Jovo to ridiculous contracts.

Tuesday may be the start to the end of the ownership saga. Maybe. Yet again. Supposedly the NHL is going to announce the sale. Well, that is all fine and dandy but we can all still worry about CoG. I am waiting until all I's are dotted, t's are crossed and the ink is dry. Let's just hope they don't do this in pencil. :P

Important off season activities need to be taken care of and it would be nice to have an owner. I would like to see Dave Tippett locked up as soon as ownership is done. I have a feeling he may look elsewhere if the ownership isn't in place. And there is elsewhere to look. I could see Dallas wanting him back. New owners, new GM. Also, I would suspect Vancouver would be willing to throw some money at him. Tippett is a top notch coach. Could we replace him? Yes. Could the replacement do with the Coyotes what Tippett has? Let's ask the magic 8 ball..


After a coach, we need a goalie. Both Smith and LaBarbera are free agents this summer. I do not see either resigning. DM will find us another started and Johnson will (should?) be given the back up role. He is not ready for starter. I'd like to see him in a back up role, working with Burke and maybe in a season or two he could be a starter. He is too rigid, unsure, hesitant when he plays. He looks like a robot and gives up way too many big rebounds. 

Finally I would like to see a first line caliber goal scorer. Maybe a center. Something, anything to increase our goal scoring chances/ability. We have too many players that would rather pass than shoot. Too many guys who are streaky. We need something to ignite the offense.

(and let's work on that power play mmmmmk?)



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I write about the Phoenix Coyotes. I have been following the NHL since the mid-90's. I started as a Flyers fan and added the Coyotes when I moved to Phoenix in 2006. My favorite position is defenseman. I put on my first pair of skates before I even remember. There is photographic evidence of me, on my butt, on a frozen creek as a very small child (maybe 2 or 3?). Obviously I grew up somewhere not Phoenix. I know cold, snow and hockey. I prefer not to have the cold and snow with my hockey. :D