Day Gaming

I love day games. I wish none of us had to work and all games could be during the day. It was a great game at that too. 

The Coyotes haven’t been playing badly these last few games but for whatever reason they just couldn’t get a lot of wins. Yesterday was a great game/effort by all Coyotes on the ice. I don’t think there was one guy who wasn’t playing balls to the wall. The entire Avalanche team appeared not to care. They had no jump, no energy and Varlamov seemed to just give up about half way through. Final: 6-1 Coyotes.

The worse thing about the game? The anthem singer. She has done games before but appears to have gotten worse. I’m not sure why a 14 year old (or so, maybe older?) would want to embarrass themselves like that. Was that too mean?

The best? My man Klesla got his second goal of the year! He is turning into a real renaissance man; he’s good at defense, blocking shots and is now becoming a scoring machine! 😉

The next best? Brule. Wow. I wasn’t expecting much from him but he really put everything out there. He had some of the best passes I have seen in awhile. And he was everywhere. He also wasn’t taking shit from the Colorado players who seemed to be really into hooking (and cross checking). He also opened up the scoring with a rocket of a shot early in the first. I hope to see more of Brule and hope he can keep it up. If so, he will fit in pretty nicely here. It also doesn’t hurt that he seems to have a bit of speed to him.


The star of the game though had to be the top of the faceoff circle in the north left. There must have been some divot in the ice because it was catching every one’s skate. They’d be traveling full speed, hit that spot and one leg would stop and the player wouldn’t and just fall down. It was becoming quite hilarious to watch. 

Also, I still love Gordon. I told you before that he would be good on faceoffs and good guy to replace Fiddler here. Yesterday he showed he can also score a couple of goals now and then. He had two great goals. Both times he was fighting off Colorado players. His first goal probably would have been a penalty shot if it had not gone in. Colorado were all over him like white on rice alllllllll game but he just battled through him like it was nothing. Like they were some little gnat buzzing around. This was Gordon’s first two goal game and he got his 100th point. Awesome!

Doan must think he got one hat trick and doesn’t need anymore. He had another two goal game but when placed on the ice the last minute or so, with Gordon, he was more focused on trying to get his teammate his first hat trick. That is my Captain bitches. Love it.

Chris Summers also had a heck of a game with two assists (and his first NHL points) and was a +3. Not bad, not bad at all. DMo also played pretty well compared to his pre-benching play. He had an assist but was still a -1. He wasn’t owning “new Jovo” chatter from me this game. I really want to see Boedker get some goals. I just feel he needs to. Smith had a great game too, making 38 saves. I don’t need a shut out, I just need a win and that is what he gave us. The lady behind me was cracking me up. Every Time Smith left his net she’d be like, “get back in your frickin crease goalie”. Every.Single.Time. And yes, she said frickin the entire time. I think they were Canadian because they were convinced the team was moving to Canada because Bettman ok’d 22 million in updates to their arena. Yes, because Bettman tells people when to update arenas. Otherwise no one can update an arena unless Bettman says so. Ugh. Make it stop please.

Too bad Chipchura couldn’t have gotten a goal. I haven’t seen a Gordie Howe hat trick in awhile. He had a good fight early one. And if I recall, that was really the Coyotes only penalty. 

Overall, this was a great game for the Coyotes. Everyone was playing and the scoring was coming from everyone. This is what we need more of, not that I would mind if we got a consistent goal scorer. Don’t get me wrong, I like Vrby but he has never been known for consistency. He scores in bunches. He just happens to be scoring more during his scoring streaks. He is doing a great job this year and I hope he does get offered a spot on the ASG roster (even though I don’t mind our guys not going… I like the idea of them resting. Well except Biz who seems to be in Vegas any chance he gets ;).)

I am trying to decide what will happen Wednesday/Thursday. With back-to-back games do you play Smith since there is a nice break coming up soon? If you feel the need to rest Smith, you do it Wednesday night against the Ducks. But does LaBarbara really need to play? Do we really want him to play? I say play Smith Wed/Thurs and let him rest after Ottawa for a week. I think we can do ok with Smith playing all four up coming games before the break. 

Time to go watch the BF play NHL 12. He has the Original Jets (Coyotes in the old uniform) playing the Thrashers or “new Jets”. Uh yah, ok….

Obviously I did not take these pictures myself. They came from here.


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