Step one — slit my throat Step two — play in my blood

So, this Thanksgiving I am thankful that GMDM has placed Petr Prucha on waivers.

If you believe that, I got some ocean front property to sell ya here in Arizona.. 

Trying to be rational. Pru will get a chance to play somewhere if he’s picked up. Um, and maybe the Coyotes are planning a big move or something.

I should be writing my research paper but worrying about Pru has taken center stage. 


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Long ago in a state far, far away I put on skates for the first time. It was so long ago I don't even remember it. Somewhere there is photographic evidence of me, on my butt, on a frozen creek. I look none to happy about it. Eventually, I grew up and could stay upright on skates. My state did not have an NHL team and I had my pick of favorite teams. I chose the Flyers. I was young. I liked the toughness and the fighting. The Coyotes were still the Jets and a move to Arizona wasn't on either of our minds. Soon I smartened up and moved to where there is sun and heat instead of cold and snow. My first fall I went to my first live NHL game and fell hard. The Coyotes became my team. I said "TAKE MY MONEY" and signed up for season tickets. And the rest, as they say, is history... I also enjoy photography, tacos, and margaritas. I have a problem where I accidentally sign up for races so I have to run a few times a week. I have been writing about the Coyotes for about eight years.