Black coat, white shoes, black hat, Cadillac. Yeah The boy’s a time bomb

Now these are the Coyotes I have been waiting for! This week was full of win. 

After beating Chicago on Wednesday, we burnt the Flames Friday and made St Louis sing the blues Saturday (hah – ok done with the silliness now).

Friday night Dale Jr brought us some luck. He unveiled his new 88 truck before the game. He also received a personalized, team signed jersey. I really liked how the Earnhardt Jr looked on that 88 jersey. He’d probably contribute more then Mueller did… Also, I loved the interview with Dave Strader where he said something like, “In Carolina we have a hockey team we watch called the Checkers”. Hilariously cute with his southern accent.

The new Diet Dew car, as designed by a fan (taken from the Coyotes website)

I was at a friend’s helping her pack/move and the cable had already been shut off, so we got updates by tweets. When Calgary went up 1-0, she said we’re going to lose this one. I did not agree or disagree but the odds were not in our favor. 

Next thing we know we are up 5-2 and Fiddy had the hat trick! We were so excited until they let in two goals in about 30 seconds. C’mon boys! You’re killing us with this kind of thing! Fortunately it was about the last 30 seconds of the game so we won 5-4. 

Surprising Fact Number 1: This was the second game in a row where the Coyotes were not rewarded a Power Play. You really think the other teams never committed a penalty? I smell BS.

On to Saturday’s game against the Blues. I did see most of this on the tv while helping with the move. There was a run to the Mart of Walls mid-game and I could not stand the chaos, so I was cleaning the kitchen while listening and then running to the living room if it sounded exciting.

We won 5-3. For awhile the score was going back and forth, we’d score then they’d score but finally we pulled ahead thanks to the hat trick by Whitney. Wait, wait, wait… Whitney scored?? And three goals at that? How many people were at the game? We have found the magic number that Whitney can score in front of.

Other notables, Bissonnette totally kicked Cam Janssen’s arse. Cam was begging for mercy but Paul just kept going. It was a pretty good fight. After the game, Janssen totally asked for a rematch. I hope Bissonnette was watching the Blue’s feed!

Surprising Fact Number 2: The Coyotes scored three power play goals. That just might be a franchise record…

Pru was scratched. This does not bode well for you Tippett… 

Surprising Fact Number 3: The Coyotes have had four hat tricks in, I believe, 8 games. Also, the four to get the hat tricks had no goals coming into the game. The four Coyotes with hat tricks are Stempniak, Jovo, Fiddler and Whitney. Click here to read the info on the Coyotes site about franchise hat trick records. Its kind of interesting and makes you wonder. 

The good news is, we are no longer last in the Pacific. The bad news is, Anaheim and LA are still ahead of us. We must work on that. 

We go on a three game road trip to Canada next. Wednesday the 17th we play in Calgary then head over to Edmonton on Friday followed by Vancouver on Saturday. This is going to be a tough little road trip here. We will need to get all the points we can. I would love to see the boys get 6 points.

But I would also love to see them win at home against Edmonton on Tuesday the 23rd. *Insert Thanksgiving Break Here* And the Ducks on Saturday the 27th against the Ducks. And lets just finish out November with a win at Nashville on Tuesday the 30th. Yes, we an get 12 points to finish out the month. That would be the perfect way to start out December! 



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