I am a little behind here. There is a lot going on in Coyote-land and I just haven’t gotten around to writing anything. Expect a long entry sometime this weekend. There were signings, rookie camp, and no tv contract yet. Yes you read that right… no tv contract yet. Ummm, how are some of us supposed to watch games? Not everyone can afford Center Ice!


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I write about the Arizona Coyotes. I have been following the NHL since the mid-90's. I started as a Flyers fan and added the Coyotes when I moved to Phoenix in 2006. My favorite position is defenseman. I put on my first pair of skates before I even remember. There is photographic evidence of me, on my butt, on a frozen creek as a very small child (maybe 2 or 3?). Obviously I grew up somewhere not Phoenix. I know cold, snow and hockey. I prefer not to have the cold and snow with my hockey. :D I am available for freelance work. Please contact me by email for details at