Shane Doan: Pure Awesomeness


The Captain overlooking his ice.


Shane Doan, at age 33, played his 1000th NHL game on December 17, 2009 in Columbus. Doan is an elite class, one of 24 to reach 1,000 games all with one franchise. He still has 99 more games to beat Teppo Numminen’s franchise record though.  Shane Doan will beat Teppo’s record. He still has a few years left on his contract and Shane Doan will not leave this franchise. If he tries, we will stop him. He is our Captain, and only our Captain. (Hmmmm, are we a little possessive here in Phoenix??)


Not only do I captain a team, I ride horses too.


Shane Doan comes from humble, Christian roots in Canada and it shows. He is a person that everyone should strive to be. Despite becoming one of the better power forwards in the NHL, at heart he is still the boy from the ranch. He helps out in several ways in the community and even helps out his teammates.


Doan and his wife were honored in 2007 with the Pat Tillman Leadership Award. This is a great honor for those in the Phoenix area. Tillman was a beloved athlete and this award is given to those who show courage and conviction in serving as a role model for children. I only wish I could be half the person Shane Doan is.


The first time I met Doan. He is always so smiley and willing to pose for a photo.


He also has been known to help his teammates out. His neighbor, young defenseman Keith Yandle, apparently has issues getting up for practice. Being the good neighbor, Shane makes sure young Jovo gets to practice on time. Wow, now that is a true Captain!


Here is what Shane had to say about his role on the team, from


“You want to be an example with the way you carry yourself,” he said. “I’m representing the Phoenix Coyotes, the NHL, and all hockey players who played before me. And you want to communicate that message to the younger players. When you ask the media, they’ll say hockey players are the easiest to get along with — and it’s our job to continue that.”

“I think it’s really important to help out the new guys on the team. Maybe the most important thing you can do as a captain is make sure every player knows you appreciate him and what he does.”


This is why the man is Captain (from same article):


“When someone new comes in, I try to make sure I give him good advice on who to talk to and where to go,” Doan said. “It goes so far as pointing a guy in the right direction. If a guy is looking for a good place for his family, good neighborhood, schools, etc., we’ll tell him here’s an area we found that works. I try to go through everything a player might need away from the rink, because if a guy is comfortable off the ice, it will be reflected in his play on the ice.”


“I definitely listen to problems and I want teammates to feel comfortable that they can talk to me,” Doan said. “Especially when they have questions, like, ‘Why is this happening to me? What’s going on?’ I take the approach that I should encourage and coaches should criticize. I will speak if a guy asks me why something isn’t working, but I’m not going to be another guy telling him (unsolicited) what he’s doing wrong, if the coaches are doing that. That’s their job, to point out our mistakes.”


“If I see something during play, I might tell a younger player to do it this way and you’ll gain more time. If I can help a guy with faceoffs, shooting or where to position along the wall, that’s helpful. It’s not helpful to say you’re doing it wrong. It is helpful to say try this and see if it works better.”


“Now, if someone is being stubborn or selfish, then maybe I’ll speak to him about it. Mostly, my job is encouragement.”


I couldn’t pick just one quote. I found more in my short research but I really needed to limit myself. If I put up everything wonderful that Shane Doan has ever said, it would take pages and pages of blog entries.


How can you not love Shane Doan? He is an amazing man and a fabulous Captain. He is always the last one to leave the ice whether it is at practice, warm-ups or the end of the game. If I had a kid, I would want them to look up to Shane Doan. Shane Doan is one of the few athletes that I want all kids to look to and emulate.


I always stop and sign for children.


He has also had the key plays in close games. He has taken the Coyotes to OT by scoring in the last seconds of the game. He has gotten the game winner late in the game. He has become angry Doan when needed and got the physical play started. He will take a hit to get the puck. In 1,004 games he has racked up 267 goals and 380 assists for a total of 647 points. This may not seem like a lot compared to others but what Shane Doan brings to the game is more then just points. He is what every athlete should be: hard working, team player, honest, real, down to earth.


Look, I can lift heavy trophies … this means I get a Stanley Cup, right?


Not only has Shane Doan done much for the Coyotes but he has done a lot for Canada too. He was on their 2006 Olympic team and will hopefully make it again for 2010. He has captained several World Championship Canadian teams, leading them to two silvers and two golds. He always is willing to play for his native country, year after year, when the Coyotes have been unable to make the playoffs. He has also been named Captain of team Canada for the World Championships for his play and his character.


Do these white gloves make my hands look fat?


Shane Doan has also participated in the 2004 and 2009 All Star Games. In 2009 he won the shoot out competition. Its surprising that a man as talented as Shane Doan has only appeared in two NHL All Star games. It just goes to show how underrated he really is.


The always classy Shane Doan. He looks good on and off the ice.


Shane Doan has also overcome controversy when called to play for his country on two different occasions. First in 2006 when named to the Olympics team, MP Denis Coderre wanted Doan removed unless he apologized for allegedly using a French Canadian slur. Then again in 2007, Bloc Quebecois wanted Doan removed as Captain for the same reasons. Hockey Canada stood by Doan, as he had already been cleared of any wrong doing by the NHL. Of course Doan did not let any of this affect his play on ice. He got a hat trick in the World Championships which helped silenced those that thought he couldn’t captain the team. Fans of Doan know he would never have said such things and that the allegations were false. We stood behind our captain because we know the kind of person that he really is. He would never do anything that would dishonor his country and he will always prove the critics wrong on the ice, where it matters.


Please click read more to find out what people are saying about Shane Doan. I did my best to get quotes. I got some from Coyotes fans and non-Coyotes fans alike.


Quotes from Yotes fans:


“I respect Doan because even with all the drama following the team he proudly stood by them when others would say they were a lost cause.” -princess_jocie


“Shane Doan is not only the kind of hockey player that every player should strive to be, but also the kind of person everyone should strive to be like. No matter what is going on, he has the most brilliant smile and carries his team. I want to be Shane Doan when I grow up” Amy G.


“April 24 1999. Doan a playoff OT winner vs Blues. Hooked on Doaner for life.” Chris K.


“I think Doaner is amazing. An amazing player,person and he does so much for the community,kids and charities.” –Cathy Jean T.


“Shane Doan is amazing, Shane Doan can do no wrong. Shane Doan could take a puppy to center ice, kick it, and all I would say is “Well, it must be Sean Avery’s dog” –Jenny C.


“Doaner is by far the best captain of the NHL. He cares so much for his fans and his teammates. He will always interact with the fans if he can. I am so happy he is the Coyotes captain. Also, he doesn’t like to fight much but if he has to, he will. He can be a beast. You do not want to pick a fight with that guy. Though, fans do like seeing angry Doaner lol.”Kate G.


Quotes from Non-Yotes Fans:


“As a Stars fan, you’d think I’d have lots of built up anger or resentment towards the captain and star player of a division rival, but the complete opposite is true. I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about Shane Doan. He epitomizes what a captain in the NHL should be. He treats his opponents with respect, plays an honest yet physical game, and keeps things in proper perspective. One of my favorite memories of Doan is from the All-Star game in Montreal, when he had his children on the bench with him during the shootout. The way that Doan has been able to overcome all the roadblocks, accusations, and setbacks in his career, and still remain such a classy cornerstone
for a struggling franchise certainly wins my respect and admiration.”The Other 6 Seconds


“Doan has something like 33 goals and 90 something points against the
Kings in 80 something games… so I hate him.”The Royal Half


“As a Red Wings fan, it’s been hard for me to hate anyone from the Phoenix franchise (until this year that is).  But as a fan of the game, I think Shane Doan is truly a class act.  In a time where overexposure to whiners like Crosby and parasites like Avery hog up most of the NHL spotlight, guys like Shane Doan get pushed to the background which is a travesty.  Look at what the man has had to deal with; the move from Winnipeg to Glendale, the team being unsuccessful ever since, and this whole sh**storm that came about over the summer.  Even with all of that going around, Doan seems to have kept a great attitude.  He could have left.  He could have pulled a Heatley and demanded a trade.  But he didn’t.  He’s remained loyal to his team and has always played the game the way it is meant to be played.  Guys like Shane Doan are the reason that NHL hockey still has a pulse out in the desert (albeit, a faint one).  No matter where the franchise ends up in the long run, you’ll be seeing Doan’s #19 hanging from the rafters, and deservedly so.”NOHS


“Besides Phoenix there are two things that stick out in my mind about Doan
1. He’s Captain Canada in the WHC. Since he’s been on a team that’s rarely made the playoffs, he always heads to the IIHF WHC even though it’s his summer break For the past few years has been named the captain of the squad, which in Canadian media, he picked up the nickname Captain Canada
2. In last years All-Star game in Montreal, in the shootout contest, the only thing I remember from the thing (I don’t even remember who won) is after every shot he got in, he went over to the bench and gave his daughter a huge smile and a hug. That was freaking adorable.” -Vancity Canuck


“Simply the most important thing about Doaner is how down to Earth he is. Mostly even tempered on the ice until someone really ticks him off….he is a cool customer who plays the game how it is meant to be played. A class act on and off and good to see him make it to 1000.”-Chris W.

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