Quick Flyers Update!

I decided to watch the Preds at Flyers game since I found a live stream online. Wow, I had almost forget how much fun the Flyers are to watch.

Carcillo had his first fight as a Flyer against de Vries. Almost immediately after Cote got into one too. I guess he couldn’t let Danny show him up or something. :)

And Biron has been spot on tonight. That glove hand, omg is all I can say. He just had some amazing saves tonight. Wow oh wow.

I do have to say the streaming isn’t that great. It’s hard to tell who is out there and if I enlarge the screen it gets all blurry. But it is better then nothing!

Carcillo also got his first assist as a flyer tonight. It was awesome. He took a high stick to the face but still managed to shoot it on net. Lupul got the rebound for a goal.

Flyers win 4-1. I was a little surprised the Preds couldn’t get much offense going. They have been averaging like 5 goals a game recently and Rinne has been spot on. I didn’t see/hear much on Suter. He must have been having an off night.


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