I’ll keep you my dirty little secret

Ok… I reminded the boys before they left not to underestimate the Kings. They have done this before and it gets them screwed. Here is what I told them to do: Doan, you need to rock Simmonds. Remember when you did that last season? It was awesome and he didn’t know what hit him! Someone (anyone) needs to take out Jack Johnson, as JBourne said, I have the sports hate for that dude. I told Uppy he needed to force Jon to leap frog again. I have never seen a goalie jump like that. Thanks Up! I told Pru and Taylor to keep the goal off up. I told them I enjoy it when they score. Pru said he was going to get at least two so he could pass Taylor.

There was no Jovo tonight due to his suspension from a hit during the Wild game. That means the real Schlem Shady was back in. We love us some Schlem. Bissonnette is the lone healthy scratch.

My favorite baby goalie is in night. Ummm, go Jon? But not really. So I guess um…. go Bryz? (I love me some Jon Quick, hence the blog title. He is the enemy!!!)

Wow, the first started off really crappy. The kings scored within about 5 minutes of the start. The two assists? Simmonds and Johnson. Even I saw this one coming, how did my boys miss this? The Kings get another goal about half way through and whose goal is it? JOHNSON. Boys… you really need to start listening to me. I know stuff. I thought it was going to go to 3-0 as Bryz was frantically looking for the puck and the whistle hadn’t blown yet. Eeeeeks, don’t scare me like that Bryz!

If only Pru could get a point for every almost goal. He’d have like a million already this game. Every other word is “Prucha with a chance” but he is getting robbed again. Pru, you can do this. I believe in you and you don’t have to beat Taylor, just put the puck past Quick. I have decided that Lang is the new, old Pru. He is having a ton of chances but can’t put it in the back of the net. C’mon Pseudo, I know you can do it too. You are part Czech and Czech are magic. Tongue out

We had another great scoring opportunity. Lang had a great shot but missed. Quick got tangled up with his player and there was a completely empty net. Pyatt passed it back to the blue line but SURPRISE, where were our dmen? Ummm boys? Hello? Your job is to guard that blue line, not take a line change when we have an amazing scoring chance. Leave it to us to miss the opportunity of an empty net.

Speaking of dmen, what’s the matter Sami? Too much dancing last night? You are looking a little sloppy out there. You kind of messed up on that first LA goal then you take a hooking call and go to the box for the first penalty of the game (and only of the first period). Do we need to sit you a game? Let Schlem play while you are healthy scratched? Are you hurt? I noticed a week ago you weren’t skating right and you’ve been off since then.

And of course the UpBo get the scoring started again for the yotes. Mueller also gets the second assist on this one. Mueller may have an extra kick in his skates with all the trade rumors. He needs all the assists he can get. Mueller passes to Bo, Bo passes to Up and Up scores. This line is really rocking the chemistry and putting up the points.

Todd interviewed Bo during the intermission! This is how you get more female fans, a sweaty Lombo. RAWR. No woman can say that Lombo is not a good looking man. Appreciate the scenery ladies. Not only is he gorgeous but the boy can play hockey.

Oh gawd, Kings almost scored about half way through the second. I thought Bryz had lost it but somehow that goal did not go in. How did that not go in? I mean, I am thankful it didn’t but really Bryz don’t scare me like that!

Frodo! How could I have forgotten about Frodo. Boys, don’t forget about Frodo. I will call you during the second intermission to make sure you get on that little man. The kings have so many players we need to watch out for it, it’s almost impossible to keep track. This is a team to watch and watch out for. I try to stress that to the boys and it looks like the message may have finally sunk in.

Coyotes get their first PP in the second when Lombo is tripped. They are finally getting some shots off on the PP, rather than just pass, pass, pass. Wow, that was a good looking power play with a lot of good chances. They just couldn’t get it passed Jon. If they keep this up on the PP, eventually they will be scoring a billion goals.

The second was a fairly quick (not the goalie, hah!) period. No scoring. Lots of pressure from both teams. So many chances for the yotes but they just can’t seem to put it in the goal. Not too much else to say about it. Both teams played extremely well. How come we couldn’t start the game this way? It might have been a different score. Eh, this is why we need to play hard for a full 60 minutes.









Coyotes got another PP early in the 3rd. This one doesn’t start off as well for the boys. They couldn’t keep control of the puck and gave LA a short handed chance. But the Coyotes are able to tie the game with a goal from Vrbata near the end of the PP, compliments of a face off win by Pru!!!!!! It was a total Czech goal. Pru wins the face off, Z and Marty get the assists. I am actually a little amazed since they weren’t doing so well with the PP but those are the kind of goals we need, plant the body in front of the net and deflect/go for rebounds.

Pyatt takes a penalty after Yandle turns the puck over. YANDLE! Sometimes I love you and sometimes you revert back into damnjovo. Please stop being damnjovo. The Coyotes did damn good on this PK. Fiddy even had a great scoring chance.

Most of the third is a lot of back and forth and pressure but I would have to say the Coyotes played a better game then the Kings in the third. They had a lot of good chances, a lot of shots on goal, a lot of guys trying to make it happen.

Of course the game goes to OT. Why does it have to go to OT? First the game starts at freaking 8:30 and then it goes to OT? I need sleep here boys. I do not get this gorgeous magically! And of course teams battle hard in OT and they go to a freaking shoot out. I hate shoot outs and I hate the OT loser point (more on that later, maybe). I could feel my blood pressure rising and my heart rate going crazy.

My thoughts:

Kopitar- MISS!

Vrby-Glove save by Quick (damn that was sweet) but Vrby was robbed!



Brown-BRYZY stops that puck!

Doan-Miss – C’mon Doaner, you are better then that

Simmonds-Bryz with the SAVE, THANK GOD!

Korpo-Miss, got the goal post.



Parse-Save by Bryz

LOMBO!-denied by Quick


Pseudo- SCORES!

*Longest shoot out ever!* (ok, this season)

Williams-OMG, he got it past Bryz


Annnnnnnnnnnnnd we lose. I can’t believe we lost that one. In a shoot out no less. ARGH.

Ok, time for me to get some sleep. This game was a freaking roller coaster. See you Saturday at the job for the Sharks game.

P.S. Bonus Hockey Stuff/Help Needed: Apparently there is a goalie in Norway named Lars Volden. I like it. There is a video going around showing his sick skate save. I tried to google him but there wasn’t a lot of info out there on him. If anyone knows anything about him, please let me know. I love goalies and Norwegians, so the two together is AWESOME.













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