So I have been extremely busy lately and have neglected my blog. I had ideas… I just never got to write them.

In a few weeks (when things settle down), look for a season wrap-up/off season preview.

I also hope to catch all the Flyers playoff games. It should be a good series between them and the Pens and I hope the Pens get their butts kicked. LETS GO FLYERS!

Also, I hate Sean Avery. The end.


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I write about the Arizona Coyotes. I have been following the NHL since the mid-90's. I started as a Flyers fan and added the Coyotes when I moved to Phoenix in 2006. My favorite position is defenseman. I put on my first pair of skates before I even remember. There is photographic evidence of me, on my butt, on a frozen creek as a very small child (maybe 2 or 3?). Obviously I grew up somewhere not Phoenix. I know cold, snow and hockey. I prefer not to have the cold and snow with my hockey. :D I am available for freelance work. Please contact me by email for details at hipchecks@gmail.com.