The Coyotes are Going Green

The Coyotes are the latest business to go green:’m glad to see my team make the attempt to better the environment. Every little bit counts! I haven’t made any drastic changes, but have done small things to help the environment. I think we all have a responsibility to our planet and it’s always helpful to see larger companies doing their part.

The Pack is back. Well, kind of. From the looks of the Coyotes website, the Pack is what used to be called the Snow Patrol. Personally, I would rather have the Pack back. At least they always looked like they were having fun and knew what they were doing. Most (but not all) of the Snow Patrol looked either bored or not sure what they were supposed to do (and I am not talking about the ones that scoop the ice). Hopefully this year, the Snow Patrol/Pack is better. I was at a diamonbacks game this summer and one of the rally girls is also a snow patrol member. She was one of them that was always enthusiastic. She said that a lot of the rally members are also snow patrol members. Those must have been the half that always looked excited and seemed to know what was going on. As it was the first season of the Snow Patrol, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully, they are better this season.

The coyotes have a new article up on Jokinen:
Basically, he gets the youth movement and wants to do whatever possible to reach the playoffs. Pretty standard article. If this is his actual attitude, he will be a great addition to the team in more ways than just scoring. There will be an open house on the 9th (1-4) where you can meet Jokinen, along with Mueller and Doan. I plan on being there. I’d like to meet Jokinen. Plus there is free hot dogs and pop, who can resist that?


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