Duck Season

        On Friday November 7th the Coyotes will travel to Anaheim to play the Ducks. Arizona is coming off of a big win versus the Toronto Maple Leafs. They are on a two game winning streak and are looking to further bury their most recent losing streak. Mike Smith has been on […]

Rieder To The Rescue!!

  After the Coyotes suffered another embarassing loss on Saturday to the Carolina Hurricanes they made a roster move after the game which could have a great effect on the team. They called up 21 year old, German born rookie Tobias Rieder. Rider was a fourth round pick by the Oilers in the 2011 draft. […]

Down in Florida, Up in Raleigh

     Down in Florida, Up in Raleigh    On Saturday November 1st the Arizona Coyotes look to swoop up into Carolina and take two points away from the Hurricanes. The ‘Canes are winless this season but it’s never safe to assume that they will go down with out putting up a fight. The Coyotes […]

Writers Wanted

I am looking for writers to contribute to I am currently unable to keep up with the blog and would like someone (or a few someones) that are willing to post at least once per week on the Coyotes or their prospects. I am not too picky about funny or serious articles. Your writing […]

Quick Hits: Trade Thoughts

I started thinking the other day… Yes I know, I shouldn’t think so much. It can get me in trouble. I was watching fans on social media suggest trades. All kinds of trades. Trades I can’t imagine ever happening because one team would get the short end of the stick. Most fan trades seem to […]


The Sky is Falling!

How many of us remember the story of Chicken Little? From the panic and outrage I’ve seen around the internet I feel most of us have forgotten Chicken Little. Games aren’t won or lost on paper. We haven’t even seen the final roster yet and many fans have already thrown in the towel. This reminds […]

Coyotes Hire Former Buffalo GM

Yesterday the Coyotes announced Darcy Regier as Senior VP and Assistant GM. Regier was formerly in Buffalo for 17 years. He was fired in November 2013 due to Buffalo’s slow start. Regier was known in Buffalo for being emotional and passionate, sometimes even breaking down in tears. He cares about the players. Is this enough […]

Coyotes Work Trade Magic… Again

Sunday night I start making dinner, thinking that nothing was going on in the world. I sit down, eat and then open up the laptop to see if I missed anything in the last hour or so. HOLY CRAP! The Coyotes trade a 6th round pick for Sam Ganger and BJ Crombeen? WTF? This is […]

2014 NHL Draft

It was a big weekend for the Coyotes. First, the name changed from Phoenix Coyotes to Arizona Coyotes. I am still in the habit of calling them Phoenix Coyotes and will be for some time. It takes time to adjust to these things. I still call the Suns’ arena America West Arena. Although I have […]

Coyotes UFA's

Final UFAs

Here is the last of the Coyotes UFAs: Tim Kennedy Brett Hextall Andy Miele Brandon Yip Cade Fairchild John Mitchell These players mostly played in the AHL. Tim Kennedy played about half the year in the AHL and the other half in NHL. I really can’t comment too much on these players as I don’t […]

Coyotes UFA's

Three of a Kind

Ok, so they aren’t really three of a kind but it was a catchy title to tell you about the three free agents I have up my sleeve this week. I was supposed to do one each of the last two weeks but I got busy and didn’t get around to it. You now get […]

Coyotes UFA's

UFA: Thomas Greiss

I feel Greiss may test the waters as he wants to be a starter; I just don’t feel there is a team that would sign him as a starter. I can’t think of too many teams that need a starter, let alone one who has never proven himself to be a starter. I can think […]

Coyotes UFA's

UFA: Derek Morris

This week’s UFA is Derek Morris, or DMo as fans usually call him. I can say with almost 100% certainty that DMo will not be back next season. With the slew of young dmen chomping at the bit to break into the NHL, DMo’s services aren’t really needed. DMo has been with the team for […]

Coyotes UFA's

UFA: Radim Vrbata

The first in my series of Coyotes unrestricted free agents is Radim Vrbata. I am going to say he will resign with Phoenix with 97% certainty. Do we all remember what happened the last time he tried to see if the grass was greener elsewhere? Here is a visual aid of what Vrbata looked like […]


Looking back, looking forward

The Coyotes did not have the best season this year. I am kind of glad it’s over; it was becoming painful to watch. Besides, had we made the playoffs and went up against the Ducks I feel that series would be over so fast. We now have the time to devote to figuring out what […]